Any shoes we put on immediately affect how our entire body moves. Some shoes force us into unnatural movements that we repeat over and over again every day.

GAITLINE challenges that from the ground up. Learn why GAITLINE shoes are a walking revolution:

The shoe you wear affects your entire body

GAITLINE shoes are designed to lead the body’s weight along with the solid bones and structures in the foot, and help the whole musculoskeletal system to function properly. You just put them on and go.

Simply put: You’ll be walking, standing and performing better than in any other shoes, giving your body a fundament that has been made for it. 

Alice: Runner

1. Better Posture, Improved Balance, and ´Mobility

GAITLINE helps the foot’s bones and joints to function optimally so that you achieve better balance, stability, and mobility. 

How? Through analysis of the human body and our construction of the entire shoe.

The foot is the foundation for our balance, whether we are standing or walking. 26 bones and 33 joints are constructed to pick up on any unevenness in the ground underfoot, and correct for any imbalances in the upper body and hips/pelvis. At the same time, these bones and joints support our whole body weight on a very small surface area. 

Making sure that our anatomy and GAITLINE shoes are in harmony is our secret ingredient to give your body the best fundament possible to stand on.

Synne Krokstad: Crossfit Champion

2. Immediate Results: No Acclimatization Needed

You will feel the impact of wearing the right shoes for your body immediately. You don’t have to learn how to walk in a pair of GAITLINE shoes. The way the shoes are built up means that your body alignment and weight distribution are automatically rectified. As you go about your busy day, you don’t have time to think about how to plant your feet – and with GAITLINE, you don’t have to. 

Martin: Professional Rower

3. Positive Body Impact with GAITLINE shoes: The Numbers Speak for Themselves

An Ipsos Marketing survey of 1,034 GAITLINE customers proves that eight out of ten feel that GAITLINE has a positive impact on their physical health, at the same time as they experience less pain when using GAITLINE shoes compared with other shoes. Almost nine out of ten people wearing GAITLINE shoes reply that GAITLINE has reduced the level of pain in their feet. Eight out of ten experience less pain in their knees, pelvis and lower back.