Incorrect placement of the foot as you walk or run can have a painful impact on the rest of the body. GaitLine shoes can put the spring back in your step.

When was the last time you analyzed how you walk? How you transfer your weight from one foot to the other? Most people would probably say they never have. Most people never give a thought to the mechanics of moving their left leg and then their right. It is such an ingrained skill that we end up standing and walking completely on autopilot. 

In today’s urbanized world, we spend a lot of time walking on hard surfaces. This can put a lot of strain on a foot whose structure has developed through a long evolutionary process. Nowadays, we are more likely to trudge around on asphalt and concrete than stride across uneven, natural terrain. As a result, many of us put a strain on our feet that they were not designed to take, which can have an impact on the whole body.

The shoe affects the whole body

GaitLine is designed to lead the body’s weight along with the solid bones and structures in the foot, and help the whole musculoskeletal system to function properly. GaitLine shoes don’t have an oddly curved sole that feels unstable or that you have to practice using – you just put them on and start walking.

Any shoes we put on immediately affect how our entire body moves. Some shoes force us into unnatural movements that we repeat over and over again every day.

For example, a shoe that provides little support can cause the ankles to roll inwards as you walk. This is also known as overpronation, and it can lead to considerable pain elsewhere in the body, such as the knees, hips, back, and pelvis.

Benefits of using GaitLine

At GaitLine, we believe many health problems can be avoided by ensuring that the foot supports the body’s weight in a functional manner – whether walking or standing. That is why we have created a shoe that corrects the way the foot is positioned by means of a patented technology, developed by Håvard Engell.

With more than 40 years experience of in biomechanics and locomotion, Engell is world-famous for his expertise in the field of balance and human gait. The sole of a GaitLine shoe straightens up the body and ensures the correct foot position. Quite simply, this means that all the foot’s 26 bones and 33 joints move correctly, turning sore feet into twinkle toes.

We have compiled a list of six excellent reasons why GaitLine footwear could be the solution for you, whether you want to prevent or alleviate gait-related problems:

1) Eight out of ten experience less pain

A meta-analysis of 29 scientific articles and three textbooks shows that foot problems are the probable cause of 70 percent of musculoskeletal complaints. Foot problems are a probable cause of 70–90 percent of musculoskeletal complaints stretching from the ankle to the pelvis/lumbar region.

Wearing GaitLine shoes can have a positive effect on a number of painful disorders, including plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, hallux valgus, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, diffuse peripatellar pain, muscular imbalance, osteoarthritis, and pelvic/back pain. In addition, GaitLine shoes help to prevent such problems arising in the first place. 

In 2016, we carried out a survey of 1,034 GaitLine customers, with the help of the market research firm Ipsos Marketing. Half of those surveyed said that they had considerable pain in their upper back, lower back, and feet before they started using GaitLine footwear. Eight out of ten said they felt GaitLine had had a positive impact on their physical health, at the same time as they experienced less pain when using GaitLine shoes compared with other shoes. Almost nine out of ten replied that GaitLine had reduced the level of pain in their feet.

Eight out of ten experienced less pain in their knees, pelvis and lower back. On our website, you can read about more empirical studies that show GaitLine footwear has a positive effect on a number of conditions and complaints, including plantar fasciitis, overpronation, and heel spurs.

2) Good design

GaitLine has given its models a timeless design in order to meet customers’ demands for functional yet fashionable footwear. The design work is fronted by graffiti artist and breakdancer Lars Undli, who may also be Norway’s biggest shoe enthusiast, with over 500 pairs of sneakers in his collection. 

GaitLine shoes differ from other technological/functional shoes because the design element is given such a high priority. With our shoes, functionality does not come at the expense of style. They have clean lines and a timeless, modern look.

3) Can be used for (almost) anything

Although GaitLine shoes have been created primarily for day-to-day walking and standing, the stability they offer is also an advantage whether you are working out in a fitness studio or hiking across the countryside.

4) No acclimatization needed

You don’t have to learn how to walk in a pair of GaitLine shoes. The way the shoes are built up means that incorrect alignment and weight distribution are automatically rectified. As you go about your busy day, you don’t have time to think about how to plant your feet – and with GaitLine, you don’t have to.

5) Better posture, balance, and mobility

As previously mentioned, signals from a wrongly aligned foot “command” the body to take corrective action, which can lead to poor posture, with an exaggerated curve in the upper back or an abnormally pronounced hollow back. By helping to rectify the position of your feet, GaitLine can improve your whole posture.

The foot is the foundation for our balance, whether we are standing or walking. 26 bones and 33 joints are constructed to pick up on any unevenness in the ground underfoot, and correct for any imbalances in the upper body and hips/pelvis. At the same time, these bones and joints support our whole body weight on a very small surface area. GaitLine helps the foot’s bones and joints to function optimally so that you achieve better balance, stability, and mobility.

6) Suits almost everyone

Feet are much more similar than you might imagine, despite their different shapes and sizes, or the damage a lifetime of use and abuse may have caused. Which means that GaitLine shoes will suit almost everyone.