Lars Undli, Head of Design at GAITLINE, has countless amounts of GAITLINE and other shoes in his closet. The common denominator is that all of them look good and smell nice. What are his hidden secrets?

Here are his 8 favorite shoe tips:

1. Do NOT wash your GAITLINE shoes in the washing machine

Shoes can withstand being washed in a washing machine. But: the glue may loosen, the material may rot, and the shape of the shoe itself can collapse. The heel cap also gets hard in the washing machine, so washing in the machine is at your own risk.

2. Hand-wash your favorite GAITLINE shoes

Wash your shoes gently in lukewarm water. Avoid psalm and chlorine, and use the usual detergent you would otherwise use for the clothes in the washing machine.

3. Keep the Shape of Your GAITLINE Shoes

Let your shoes dry with lots of paper – that’s how they hold the shape. Tip use newspapers or socks – the most important thing is that your pair retains its shape while drying.

4. Polish Your Shoes with a Shoe Brush

Use a shoe brush kit to brush and polish the tops of your shoes. If you’re on a budget, use a toothbrush.

5. Counteract Bad Odor with Shoe Deodorant

You can prevent bad odors by using shoe deodorant that can be purchased at select pharmacies and shoe stores. Remember to spray the deodorant in the shoe both before and after use. You can also use deoculars (also known as sneakerballs).

6. Store your Shoes Nicely

Do not throw your shoes in a pile in the closet – there they will lose their shape over time. Don’t leave them yellow in the sun either. The shoes are stored by putting them neatly on a shoe shelf, or you can store them in the shoe box they came in.

7. Remember to Rotate Your Pairs

If you use your favorite pair every day, they wear out faster. If you have several pairs, your shoes will be relieved in new ways.

8. Waterproof Your Shoes

Remember to waterproof your shoes – preferably once a month. Before you start, wipe away dirt, and your shoes must be dry. Waterproofing makes the shoe more water-resistant and protects the color.