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Oliver Koch

The GAITLINE Experience

Those shoes have changed the status quo. There is no level playing field in the shoe game anymore. Slipping into your GAITLINE shoes is like putting on the most comfortable sock that happens to be like a suit of armor for your body. Those shoes are made for pure performance. Wearing GAITLINE shoes is doing something deliberately to gain an…

3 Reasons to Choose GAITLINE Shoes

Any shoes we put on immediately affect how our entire body moves. Some shoes force us into unnatural movements that we repeat over and over again every day. GAITLINE challenges that from the ground up. Learn why GAITLINE shoes are a walking revolution: The shoe you wear affects your entire body GAITLINE shoes are designed to lead the body’s weight…

A stroll through one of Europe´s hottest destinations: Explore Berlin and walk the city.

Berlin is by no means an unknown place for the frequent traveler. With only 3.5 million inhabitants, its big, but its true greatness and importance reveal itself once you experience it. Over 15 million people visit the city every year (and most probably love it!).  But the key to experiencing Berlin is being yourself.  You don´t need to follow the crowds….