Scandinavian athletes and shoe scientists trust and prefer GAITLINE shoes to ensure the best rest and recovery for active bodies. #WALKOFACHAMPION

Sigmund is a chiropractor, dad of two, freelance photographer, an above average gym and tennis enthusiast who is generally found to join anything active and fun. In addition to being a chiropractor, Sigmund is engaged in a number of other projects and enjoys a busy city life while also exploring the greater outdoors when he gets a chance.

As a result of being a former active handball player, I’ve had to undergo a number of knee operations and lower back issues, including a disc prolaps, but after starting to use GaitLine every day I’ve noticed a major improvement and reduced discomfort. 

Good footwear is a must in order to keep up with the two little girls at home and a very active life which includes a great deal of training. It is also vital in a job where I am typically on my feet all day. 

Daily I see patients with ankle, knee and back complications. A contributor to this is often unsuited footwear which leads to damaging repetitive wear of the ankle and heel. GaitLine, being one of the most comfortable shoes available due to the extensive research which has been dedicated to developing the SGL technology, helps to combat these issues and I therefore recommend the brand to many of my patients.”