The Norwegian b-boy crew KingWings was founded in 2005. They are two times Norwegian champions and have toured Norway multiple times. KingWings was among the top 5 in Norway`s Got Talent, and have also been honored with the Oslo City Cultural prize in 2015.

Kingwings VS The National Ballet

In 2012 Kingwings started working with the Norwegian National Ballet, resulting in a critically acclaimed show at the Norwegian Opera House, which was repeated in 2014. Since then, this collaboration has been consistent, and in 2016, KingWings vs. National Ballet Young will show a fresh and modern version of Romeo & Juliet. All shows at the Opera House sold out in 7 minutes, and the following Norwegian tour sold out the day after. Based on Lars Undli´s background as a b-boy, the collaboration between KingWings and GaitLine was a perfect fit. The aesthetics, forms, and lines in b-boying, as well as the dress codes, are important elements in both dancing and sneaker design. When KWC first tried on the GaitLine shoes, they were sold on both the design and functionality. GaitLine is proud to have KingWings Crew as ambassadors.

Aesthetics are important elements in both dancing and sneaker design.