After 15 years at Olympiatoppen responsible for elite athletes’ technique, coordination and injury prevention, GaitLines founder Håvard Engell is well aware of the challenges athletes face. He has helped many of our very best top athletes in over thirty different sports to improve their technique, adapt the equipment and prevent injuries. The experience from this period along with his long career as a professional ballet dancer is placed in the GaitLine shoes complex technological functionality.

The foot is the athlete’s instrument

With a body that’s been pushed to the limit over several years both active and former athletes struggle with muscle- and skeleton aches and pain in their bodies. Many of these complaints have their origin in the foot that has suffered the wrong position or wrong movement pattern. Because GaitLine shoes are designed in order for your body weight to be distributed optimally in the foot’s different parts, it contributes to better cooperation throughout the body.

“It’s great with all the technology behind the shoe, but it’s even more impressive that the shoes just feels perfect from the start.”

– Liv Grete Skjelbreid, former Norwegian Olympic and world champion in biathlon, and NRK expert commentator biathlon.

“As an alpinist my body has been beaten in all possible directions over many years. With GaitLine shoes I feel that most are geared up again.”

– Tom Stiansen former Norwegian world champion in alpine skiing, and presenter on TVNorge, 71 degrees north – Norway’s toughest celebrity.