Those shoes have changed the status quo. There is no level playing field in the shoe game anymore. Slipping into your GAITLINE shoes is like putting on the most comfortable sock that happens to be like a suit of armor for your body.

Those shoes are made for pure performance.

Wearing GAITLINE shoes is doing something deliberately to gain an advantage over conventional footwear. And that´` is a good thing. As we all go about our busy lives, we do not want to think about what we wear, all we want is to know that what we wear, is right: Your feet will tell you, your body will listen.

Moving forward. It is our nature to move forward, to develop and evolve. And as we have as humans, so have our tools, our clothes and our way of life. GAITLINE is a technological breakthrough in footwear. These shoes are game-changing and transformative for body and mind. Standing strong is what comes to mind at first.

The attention to detail how the shoe has been designed and perfected to fit the human anatomy comes from GAITLINE´ S original DNA: Analysing and improving the biomechanics of the highest achievers in sports and those winning Olympic and World Championship medals and creating the right footwear for the human body.

The introduction of GAITLINE shoes to athletes and competitive sports has really changed what many believed was possible for performance, recovery and optimizing posture.

It is all in the details: The patented SGL technology is transformative for the way how humans walk and how the body is optimized to gain better posture, recover faster and proactively lowers the impact on your body, any time you´ are in your GAITLINE shoes.´ Doing something good for your body has never been easier.